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Bandsåg M.A.C.C. Special 335M/S (Halv-automatisk)

Ny 85.000 SEK     
Tillverkare: M.A.C.C.
Kategori: Övriga maskiner

Bandsåg M.A.C.C. SPECIAL 335M/S (Halvautomatisk)

Kapar enligt nedan.
Rund = 260mm, +45'=215mm, +60' = 130mm, -45' = 225mm
Kvadratiskt = 250m, +45' = 200mm, +60' = 130mm, -45' = 210mm
Rektangulärt = 220x330mm, +45' = 160x210mm, +60' = 130x140mm, -45' = 160x225mm
Bandsågsblad 3010x27x0,9mm
Skruvstyckets öppning 330mm
Arbetshöjd 965mm
Vikt 415 kg

Mer info.
- Vertical rotation on bolt with adjustable tapered bearings without backlash.
- High-capacity band control by two-speed motor and special
reducer with bronze gear tempered and ground worm screw.
- Appropriately dimensioned flywheels
- Strong band guides with tight stress-raiser bearings and
adjustable widia tips.
- Band stretching is obtained by electro-mechanical blade tensioner
with microswitch.
- Vice with a device for quick approach
- Wide rotating material support table
- Accident-preventing devices on the flywheel casing, on the control handle, and on the blade.
- Cutting thickness 1,2 mm
- Cutting range 45° left 60° right
- Adjustable stop for cuts of the same size
- 0,06 kW power-driven pump for band cooling
- Operation:
Cycle start is obtained by pressing the relevant start button.
The machine performs the following operations during the cutting cycle:
1. vice closing and activation of band motor
2. cutting bow downstroke
3. return of bow to initial position
4. band motor stop
5. vice opening
- Possibility of manual cut
The basic characteristics of the machine (such as rigidity of the blade
support, flywheel dimensioning, band guides, and band stretching)
have been thoroughly studied to avoid yielding of the band, increase
its durability, and improve linearity and time of cutting.

Optional equipment:
- SINGLE-PHASE motor 75 m/1’
- Speed variator from 20 to 90 m/1’