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Drillingmachine IXION BSS-40 incl. vice.

Used 28.000 SEK 

Drillingmachine IXION BSS-40
With Demanders cordinate table.
Incl. vice.   More information
OSMUND Hearth oven MUT-3/4 1000 degree `C


   More information
Grindmaster 2000

Used 24.000 SEK 

Type. GR-2300-900   More information
Water cooler cleaner.

Used 10.000 SEK 

   More information
Wicon Welding Positioner WPOZ 500kg

New 72.000 SEK 

Max. Load (N) 5000
Axis Eccentricity 150mm for Rotation and Tiltning
Rotation Speed (rpm/mi   More information
Wicon Hydaulic Welding Positioner 1000kg

New 129.000 SEK 

Hydraulic Wicon welding positioner 1000kg

more info.
Max. Load (N): 10000
Axis Eccentricity: 15   More information
Drillingmachine Strands S25

New 28.000 SEK 

Drillingmachine Strands S25
Incl. Stem protection w. microswitches CE.   More information
Drillingmachine Strands S25M

New 38.000 SEK 

Drillingmachine Strands S25M with automatic feed.
Incl. Stem protection w. microswitches CE.   More information
Bandsaw M.A.C.C. Special 335M/S (Semi-automatic)

New 72.000 SEK 

A Semi-automatic bandsaw M.A.C.C. Special 335M/S
with hydraulic vice

More info.
- Vertical rota   More information
Electrostatically filter for oil mist Plymovent EFE 2002/AL

Used 14.000 SEK
Price cut 10.000 SEK

Electrostatically filter for oil mist.
Plymovent EFE 2002/AL
In realy good condition.
With 2pcs e   More information
M.A.C.C 280 CSO saw

New 32.000 SEK 

   More information
M.A.C.C. 320 CSO saw

New 45.000 SEK 

   More information
Eisele automatic saw

Used 32.000 SEK 

   More information
Hidroliksan 250 Ton

New 135.000 SEK 

   More information
Kemppi Kempak 200

Used 3.000 SEK 

   More information