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Used 6.000 SEK
Price cut 2.000 SEK

A small DOALL BAND FILER Machine with extra bands with files.   More information
Electrostatically filter for oil mist Plymovent EFE 2002/AL

Used 19.000 SEK
Price cut 14.000 SEK

Electrostatically filter for oil mist.
Plymovent EFE 2002/AL
In realy good condition.
With 2pcs e   More information
Konslid Harrison M-300

Used 4.900 SEK
Price cut 2.900 SEK

Bid.   More information
Konslid Weiler Commondor 75

Used 6.500 SEK
Price cut 4.000 SEK

Bid.   More information
Kantpress Hidroliksan 60T

New 155.000 SEK
Price cut 135.000 SEK

   More information