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Vertical machinecenter Mazak VQC-20/40B


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Barfeeder SYMCO RS-565 - 1.2

Used 22.000 SEK 

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Teach in lathe Colchester Mastiff with Fanuc 20T

Used 135.000 SEK 

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Barfeeder PRO V-65LE in good condition.

Used 22.000 SEK 

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Machinecenter Feeler FMH-500


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Barfeeder Robobar SSF

Used 10.000 SEK 

Barfeeder Robobar SSF in good condition.
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Machinecenter Trident TR-56S

Used 375.000 SEK 

Machinecenter Trident TR-56A with swingpallet.

Spec. Pic. 2
The machine is in top condition.
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